Accessories available through Full Boar Fourbie Drawers


Below you will find a wide range of accessories to complement your Full Boar Fourbie Drawers drawer system.

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MSA Drop Slide

The MSA drop slide is available in 4 different sizes to suit the fridge you own.

Evakool 40l Drawer fridge

Evakool 40l drawers fridges are available to purchase when ordering the Stockton System

Pull-out Table

Pull-out Tables are built into the bottom of drawers and/or fridge slides, so that you are able to use the table as well as have access to your drawers/frigde. Also included is a drop-down support leg under the table.

Drop-down Table

Drop-down table kits are available for most vehicles that have barn doors. Kits come with both door skins, table and all hardware required for installation. Available in powder coated black and stainless steel.


Carbon Winches 

Mesh fridge divider used to seperate cargo from the fridge space.


Kaon Light Barriers 

Top Cargo shelf, to suit most wagons. Used to utilise wasted space above fridge.


To be used in conjunction with the center fridge divider.

Power Sockets

Baintech Power sockets available

USB,2 x cigerette sockets, volt guages,4 x on/off switches, also available with merit and engel sockets.

To be installed in front panel of drawer system.


Tail-Gate Tables

Dual Cab Tailgate tables Available to level out tailgate so it can be used to cook on etc Laminated top for hard wearing and heat.


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